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Loudons - The Best Fringe Breakfast

A definite recommend for groggy morning afters, lazy sunday days and as an antidote to Fringe fatigue.

Nothing beats a Sunday Brunch. As one of the best breakfast cafes in Edinburgh, Loudons offers an easy and indulgent solution to making it yourself.

Loudons is a large, modern space with a no music policy and sound absorbing panels making it perfect for anyone nursing morning-after sore heads. Early comers can grab one of the large, squishy sofas, but no matter what time you drag yourself out from under the duvet you're almost guaranteed a seat. For those rare but precious sunny Edinburgh mornings there is also a pleasant area of outdoor seating.

Mum and I arrived at about ten and seated ourselves on one of the small tables for two. For croissants and cakes there is a self-service policy and hot food is ordered at a counter. The food is all cooked in view, reassuring you that it is fresh and home-cooked.

We each chose poached eggs on toast and I got a croissant, while mum went for the Granola and fruit. The food offers no fuss quality, which puts taste and flavour as the most important thing. The eggs were cooked perfectly, oozing delicious yolk and somehow seeming to maintain a neat ball shape, a nice change from the sprawling mess I usually serve up. The chives and tomato salad were a simple addition but gave everything to the flavour. My croissant was fresh and the choice of jams delicious. Mum also rated the granola and it is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth: it comes with lashings of summer fruits and compote.

Across from us a couple were served up full English Breakfasts and I was hit with a serious case of food envy - the smell alone is incredible. My eggs disappeared too quickly and I wished I had gone for the heartier option. Checking the menu, I notice that the full breakfast also comes in veggie and vegan options so no one need be left out. Don't worry about getting here early either - on the weekends Brunch is an all day affair.

To drink as usual I went for a cup of tea, however Loudon's tea is anything but usual. All their tea is supplied by Pekoetea a local, speciality tea shop and offers everything from classic, comforting favourites to exciting, exotic flavours. I chose a Darjeeling tea which offers a slightly floral twist on a classic breakfast tea - it is ideal for anyone wanting a change from a standard English tea without wanting to risk an overpowering flavour.

It is not just the tea at Loudons which is something special - their freshly roasted coffee beens are all supplied by Artisan Roast and give their coffee a distinctive flavour. Mum chose the Cappuccino which was a far cry from the tasteless, frothy milk which is often served up under that name. This coffee is more than just great taste too - it is all ethically sourced guaranteeing producers a fair price.

When I come back (which I definitely intend to) I'll make sure it is later in the day so I can justify trying one of their delicious, made on site cakes and buns. The array of Carrot Cake, gooey lemon cake and Millionaire Shortbread was hard to resist even just minutes after my breakfast - this may be one place where 'breakfast pudding' is justified. Somehow the bakery also manages to produce gluten free, fat free and dairy free options every bit as tasty as their normal counterparts.

Loudons is a definite recommend particularly for groggy morning afters, lazy sunday days and as an antidote to Fringe fatigue.

Best Bits
  • Delicious cakes and bread freshly baked on site
  • Tasty gluten and dairy free options
  • Flavoursome and unusual leaf teas
  • Distinctive artisan coffee
  • No fuss, quality food, putting flavour first
  • A new range of lunchtime salads and sandwiches

T: 0131 228 9774

94B Fountainbridge
West End
Edinburgh EH3 9QA

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