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Henderson's Cafe

Finding a good place to eat out can be hard, but finding a good vegetarian place is almost impossible.

The hardest thing about being a vegetarian is eating out: I am not surprised most people judge vegetarian food as the poor relative of the meaty aristocracy, as it is often just the same meal minus the meat and plus mushrooms.

Henderson's proves all preconceptions about vegetarian food wrong: its food is creative, flavorsome and filling. I have been many times and it never disappoints; the main restaurant can be found on Hanover Street, along with an evening bistro and delicious deli counter but there is also a smaller restaurant at the East end of Princes Street. Yesterday, my Mum and I visited the smaller Henderson's and as always it was delicious.

The smaller restaurant is situated beneath St. John's church with a pleasant outside area and next door to a unique bookshop, The Cornerstone Bookshop. As with all Henderson's outlets, the atmosphere is totally relaxed, the staff friendly and the prices great.

Mum and I both chose the vegetarian burger, which came with a generous portion of salad. When I say vegetarian burger I don’t mean a frightening concoction of blended, unnamable ingredients masquerading as meat, but a flavorsome bean burger which tastes great in its own right. It’s also a super healthy option: the burger comes without bread - and seriously you don’t miss it - while the beans are a great protein fix. Each main meal comes with your choice of fresh, homemade salads which are all displayed near the till - changing daily there is everything from a classic, crunchy green salad to a unique bean sprout and mixed peppers salad. I chose a beetroot, apple and sultana mix while mum got the new potato and chive salad. It was all refreshing

From previous visits the spicy Enchiladas filled with wholesome beans are a definite recommend as is the Cauliflower and Chickpea curry.

The food is delicious, wholesome and can be easily enjoyed by vegetarians and meat eaters alike, (don’t worry you are not going to be fed a couple of lettuce leaves and some soggy tofu: this is proper vegetarian food). The portions are all generous and the food is good quality filling stuff at reasonable prices. Focus here is definitely on food not fuss: everything is self-service and there is no intricate presentation, just delicious tasting food. Set out like a canteen

If you are vegetarian then you will love Henderson's and for meat eaters it will change your opinion on vegetarian food and may even have you converted...

Best Bits
  • Fresh, wholesome vegetarian food
  • A mixture of classic and unique dishes
  • A delicious range of salads to accompany your meal
  • Incredibly reasonable prices
  • A vibrant but relaxed atmosphere

94 Hanover Street
Eat & Drink