Credit: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Tom Craine: Thoughts on Love

In a world gone mad over dating, Tom addresses just why we're so scared of being alone.

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Taken individually every story Tom Craine tells is hilarious, taken as a whole the show is surprisingly serious. 'Thought's on Love' is a jigsaw puzzle of sombrero wearing chihuahuas, imaginary, 6ft teddy bear friends and tragic dating situations, which somehow fit together into a coherent and thoughtful picture of what 'love' means today.

The show is based around Tom's experience of writing the agony uncle column, 'sex and the single man', for Cosmo and a the day when he found himself detained as a potential terrorist in Belfast International Airport. It is heavily narrative comedy which follows Tom's dating experiences (or failures), his flatmate's conveyor belt of girls, his parents' idyllic relationship and society's gagging desperation to find the 'one'. In a world gone mad over dating, Tom addresses just why we're so scared of being alone. Everything he says has a resonance with the audience, but this is in no way a lecture; Tom is not trying to set a good example just a terrible warning. He laughs at himself so that we might reevaluate ourselves.

Tom Craine is full of sharp observations and witty anecdotes, which he tells with incredible energy and timing. This is thoughtful, themed comedy which perfectly suits the small, intimate space in the Pleasance Bunker. A great show which will have you laughing and thinking throughout.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
60 Pleasance
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