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Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth

Bringing together Shakespeare's greatest characters this promises to be a hilarious hour of fast paced comedy.

Venue: Greenside @ Royal Terrace
Bringing together Shakespeare's greatest characters along with the man himself, Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth is a modern take on Shakespeare's 'best bits'. In true marvel style, the heroes of Shakespeare will join together to stop a Papal Inquisitor and help Queen Elizabeth I. Mixing contemporary jokes with clever Shakespearian word play, this promises to be an hour of hilarious comedy which should not be missed. Interview by Laura Jeffrey Interviewed by Laura Jeffrey
How did you first come up with the idea for Shakespeare’s Avenger’s Assembleth?
"We were all at university together, and during a workshop for the Dramatics society, of which we were all members, a friend was joking around with the idea of multiple Shakespearean heroes fighting each other. We all love Marvel films so we wanted to transplant the Marvel concept of having a universe where all the characters exist simultaneously to the Shakespearean complete works. We felt this lent itself to a comedy quite well. "
Shakespeare’s Avengers Assembleth brings together the characters from Shakespeare’s plays, which characters can we look forward to seeing?
"Brutus, Hamlet, Macbeth, Yorick, Romeo and Kate are our avengers, with Tybalt, Iago and Ophelia as there antagonists. Friar Lawrence and Juliet are also involved, as is William Shakespeare himself."
Does the play fit into the Shakespearian categories of comedy or tragedy?
"Hopefully the farcical and ridiculous elements of the play place it the comedy category with a mix of pop culture references and Shakespearean jokes."
Have you taken some of Shakespeare’s own lines and weaved them into the dialogue? Perhaps used some of his most famous lines for comic effect?
"We have used a lot of Shakespearean dialogue, when the characters are introduced they are usually at some point in their own play. Several of the lines have been subtly changed for comic effect, some of them less subtly. A personal favorite is a re-writing of Hamlets classic monologue “to be or not to be”, involving fish."
What are you most looking forward to about bringing Shakespeare’s Avengers Assembleth to the Fringe?
"Were looking forward to the atmosphere and the general Edinburgh buzz, however most of all were looking forward to the re-branding of Shakespeare that is surely to follow."
Finally, what can we most look forward to about the play?
"It's an emotional roller coaster, from the dizzying heights of Shakespeare first assemblething his avengers to the desperate lows of star-crossed love torn asunder. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be desperately awaiting the sequel “Avengers Assembleth II: Age of Falstaff”."

Greenside @ Royal Terrace
1b Royal Terrace
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