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Romesh Ranganathan: Rom Wasn't Built in a Day

Romesh may not always be able to deliver in his domestic life but he delivers perfectly on stage. A hilarious hour of grumbling comedy, in which Romesh laments his personal inadequacies.

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Romesh is a sell out for a reason: he is straight to the point, frighteningly honest about his own short-comings and offers witty and sharp observations on society’s conventions. His light hearted pessimism is also irresistible; he is in some ways desperate to become a better man but at the same time can’t quite see the point in it. Caught in between an idealistic view of what things should be and the shocking view of how things really are, Romesh's blunt perspective on the world resonates with us all.

The show focuses on Romesh’s domestic life; his wife, kids and new baby on the way. Of course he loves them all but at the same time can’t quite be the perfect dad/ husband he knows he should be, falling short in hilarious ways such as hating teaching his kids to read Romesh's honesty is unbeatable funny. His slightly unconventional views on bringing up kids also have the audience uncontrollably laughing: for example teaching your kids to swear is a good thing as it gives them weapons to deal with life, shouting ‘f*ck off’ to the creepy man in the park is much more effective than saying, ‘I’m sorry my parents think I shouldn’t talk to strangers’.

A baby in the audience provides some unusual and witty interaction and Romesh suddenly feels bad for his violent swearing (the baby is the only one not finding it funny). It will definitely be the first and only walk, or rather carry out, Romesh has this Fringe.

Last year Romesh was a Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award best Newcomer Nominee and we can only expect bigger and better things. This is a fantastic hour of grumbling, cup half empty comedy from a man who can’t quite deliver in his domestic life but delivers perfectly on stage.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
60 Pleasance
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