Credit: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Fringe - Gravity and Other Myths - A Simple Space

The 'space' is definitely the only simple part of this awe-inspiring display of acrobatic skill and strength.

Venue: Underbelly (Venue 300)
The Australian acrobatic ensemble Gravity and Other Myths is bringing their awe-inspiring show 'A Simple Space' to this year's Edinburgh Fringe. After watching the youtube videos for dozens of the acrobatic acts performing at the Fringe, 'A Simple Space' stood out as being stripped back talent without the distracting fuss of elaborate scenery. Unlike most circus acts there is not a spangle, a sequin or tacky wig in sight. Against a plain backdrop and wearing ordinary clothes these acrobats can only impress through their skill, endurance and strength. Sounds like it could be dull? Don't be deceived this is an incredible, unrivalled (and slightly terrifying) acrobatic show. Picture women being used as human skipping ropes, three people high towers and headstands on itsy platforms and even then you're no where near close to what this show offers. A must see this Fringe.

Still doubtful? Check out their promo video from the Edinburgh Fringe 2013:

Underbelly (Venue 300)
Bistro Square
Edinburgh University
Edinburgh EH8 9AL
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