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Glenn Cosby - Food Junkie

The perfect blend of comedy and baking; Glenn chats about his food orientated life, the pain of dieting and growing up fat, all while making us a delicious, 'star baker' worthy treat.

Venue: Assembly Roxy (Venue 139) ​
Food Junkie is a lot more than a straight cooking show; fun and full of his characteristic humour Glenn Cosby brings us comedy and storytelling, with of course a bit of baking thrown in.

Before there's a sniff of any ingredients, Glenn gets the audience whipped up with hilarious stories from his food orientated life; as Glenn says 'I don't go back for seconds, I go back for hours.' We also get a few Bake Off Stories, which Glenn comically says he got chosen for not because he was one of the best amateur bakers in Britain, but because he was the best gay, fat amateur baker from the West Country, 'Demographically I ticked all the boxes'. As well as self-deprecating and funny, Glenn talks seriously about his issues surrounding food touching on his time suffering with bulimia and taking us through a slide show of photos, which map his addiction to food and life long battle with diets. This is a man whose love of food has been both the greatest joy and the hardest struggle in his life and it was only after finishing the Bake Off that he managed to strike the perfect balance.

As for the baking, when Glenn said we would be decorating cakes I imagined a few smarties or chocolate buttons, but instead we get taught how to make delicious caramel and Italian meringue buttercream. The toppings for the classic Victoria sponge cakes are chosen at random using an origami fortune teller and by asking the audience to pick colours and number. There's also an element of Russian Roulette as one of the toppings is a little more 'I'm a celebrity' than 'British Bake Off'; I won't tell you what it is, but lets just say you don't want to be responsible for picking it.

This is a great, good fun show which balances baking with comedy and storytelling, all bound together by Glenn's loveable and bouncing personality.

Click here to read our interview with Glenn.

By Laura Jeffrey

Assembly Roxy (Venue 139) ​
2 Roxburgh Place
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