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Calum Lykan - 'Brave and Free: Traditional Tales of Scotland'

Listen to enchanting Scottish Myths and Legends from a man who knows them all. Calum Lykan will bring Scotland alive in his show, 'Brave and Free: Traditional Tales of Scotland'.

Venue: Scottish Storytelling Centre (Venue 30)
Told from the vibrant Scottish Story Telling Centre on the Royal Mile, Calum Lykan 'the kilted storyteller' will introduce you to his Scotland: a world of giants, kings and warriors. Experience some of the earliest Scottish stories which have helped shape the Scottish arts today. Especially in the shadow of the upcoming independence referendum, discovering what it means to be Scottish is an important part of what the Fringe has to offer. Interviewed by Laura Jeffrey.
When did you first become interested in storytelling? What made you decide to pursue it as a career?
"I came to storytelling relatively late, just within the last 4-5 years. I had been working in retail selling a variety of Historical weapons and discovered I was actually telling the stories behind the use of the weapons rather than just the basic information of the piece. This led me to think about other avenues and shortly after this I became a tour guide in Edinburgh telling Historical tales of the city, well this naturally evolved and I sought out storytelling events and slowly worked my way into the world of the Storyteller. "
Especially in the modern world when audiences are accustomed to films, TV and special effects, what does it take to be a good story teller and engage your listeners?
"Hard question, I think you need to be able to read your audience and adjust the stories as you go. We are in a world bombarded with multi media and the best experience is to draw in the audience with words and know that in all those heads new worlds are growing. It’s a wonderful feeling. "
Your Fringe show is called ‘Brave and Free: Traditional Tales of Scotland’, are the stories you tell ones you heard as a child?
"Sadly not I didn’t really grow up being told stories. Most of the tales I tell have been picked up on my journey as a Storyteller. These are the ones which made me smile, laugh and cry and that’s very important to me. I need to love the story to tell the story. "
Do your stories mainly focus on Scottish myth and legend or are some of them historical?
"I love all types of stories so I focus on everything. Historical tales and Myth and Legend but who is to say the two are not interwoven. "
Your Scottish identity is clearly very important to you, how do you feel about the upcoming devolution vote?
"I am very proud of Scotland, its history and its people. I am very much in the YES camp and happy to admit it. My reasons are simply that Scotland is a country full of wonderful and innovative people and the creative side is fantastic, our music, stories and dance. We should be allowed to be recognized for this as a nation and a country with its own individual status. "
Finally, whats your favourite story you will be telling at the Edinburgh Fringe?
"I always struggle to answer this question. I love all the stories I tell. That is important to me. If I love them then it will come across that way to the audience and they will become more involved. Also my set may vary from one day to the other. It will all depend on who walks through the door. "

Scottish Storytelling Centre (Venue 30)
43-45 High Street
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