Credit: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

The Pin Returns to The 2014 Fringe

Alexander Owen and Ben Ashden talk fruit, splurting butter and what to expect from this year's Fringe show. A comedy duo not to miss.

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Originally a trio straight out of footlights, The Pin is now a successful comedy duo creating 'joyful stuff' and enjoying every moment of it. Their widely appealing and silly but sharp sketch style makes the promise of having your grandma laughing alongside the rest of them. Having had two successful Fringe appearances, this year The Pin are bringing more of the same slick, smart comedy but this time in the larger Pleasance Courtyard. This duo is not to be missed.

Interviewed by Laura Jeffrey.

When did you guys meet and what made you decide to start a comedy duo act? Had you done much comedy work individually?
"Ben: We met at University when a mutual friend threw some people together to do a sketch show. That show was six guys. Many years later and everyone else has left us. When we met, Alex had done plenty of student comedy shows but I was more interested in Rugby. Pathetic. "
What are the challenges/ benefits that being a comedy duo presents in comparison to being a solo comedian?
"Alex: Well we’ve never gone solo, so we can only imagine. A challenge is that you can’t write like a stand-up in terms of monologues. Unless we split up the lines, one of us would look like a chump. The benefits are having someone to share the highs and lows of great and devastatingly poor gigs respectively. "
The Pin is quite an unusual name, is there a story behind it?
"Ben: One of the first shows we wrote, with our old colleague Mark Fiddaman, was a show that begun with someone getting shot in the head. We went a little back in time and showed a sketch ending in the same way. By the end of the show we had shown the causal chain that had ended with this poor sod getting blasted up top. It was because he had stepped on a Pin. The show was called The Pin, and we haven’t been much moved to change it since"
The Pin performed with great success at the Fringe in 2012 and 2013, what’s your best memory from your time in Edinburgh?
"Ben: You’re very kind. My best memory is unrelated to the Festival. I hit a packet of butter with my fist and it spurted out hot buttery liquid out of it’s packaging and into the face of musical comedian of the year 2013, Mr Rob Carter. It was immediate, and"
What kind of material can we expect from The Pin at the Fringe this year?
"Alex: It’s joyful stuff. Writing it, one of our mantras has been ‘what would make us laugh if we came to see this as non-sketch people’. It should be widely appealing too. Another mantra has been ‘would my grandma find this funny too?’ Our third mantra is ‘keep the mantras to a minimum.’"
Finally, what’s the one thing to look forward to from The Pin’s performance at this year’s Fringe?
"Ben: Fruit. Alex: …We really can’t say more. "

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
60 Pleasance
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