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The Beta Males - Happenstance

As perhaps the only group with a range of characters spanning mythical creatures to perverted children's authors The Beta Males should not be missed this Fringe.

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Interview by Laura Jeffrey
When John Henry and Adam were growing up making funny videos on Jersey, they could have hardly expected that they would one day start a hilarious and successful sketch show. It's quite a journey from giving their friends a good laugh to entertaining hundreds of audiences across the country.

‘How The Beta Males came together is a long and boring story really,’ laughs Richard, ‘Adam and John Henry went of to university I met John Henry at UCL and Adam met John at Durham, then Adam met Guy when they were both extras on the set of Kickass. They were playing nerds in a comic book shop so they were very much type cast.’

The Beta Males might not have an interesting story of their own, but their ability to make one up is unrivalled. This year they will be bringing Happenstance to the Fringe, a sketch show which will focus on a theme of cause and effect and how seemingly disconnected things can become knotted together.

‘Unlike in previous years we’re not doing a genre lead show, so writing it this year was completely different from how we’ve done it before,’ says Richard, ‘It will still feel very much like a Beta show, but I think it will feel like a more traditional sketch show with a narrative going through it.’

With the characters ranging from half naked clowns to talking ponies, The Beta Males will show that they really can make anything funny. These are definitely not typecast actors. Richard also points out the emphasis on productions this year: ‘Happenstance is going to be a really fun show and there is going to be lots of theatrics to make it incredibly interesting, hopefully visually interesting as well.’

The Beta Males will also be taking to the stage as solo acts and show casing their individual talents in The Beta Males sessions, which Richard jokingly adds, ‘will let people judge which one of us is really the best’. There are two sessions one with Richard and, the terrifyingly named, Storybeast and the other with Adam and Guy.

‘They're four very different shows,' says Richard, 'Guy is doing straight stand up story telling, Adam is performing as a character who is a children’s author who reads these perverse children’s books, I’m doing a mix of stand up and character stuff and John Henry is playing the story beast who is a mythic character who tells these incredible stories and is pretty terrifying really.

After five successful years at the Fringe, The Beta Males know exactly what they are doing and how to do it in the funniest way possible. Happenstance promises to be an hour of hilarious and brilliantly written comedy performed by a group of incredibly talented actors. As perhaps the only group with a range of characters spanning mythical creatures to perverted children's authors The Beta Males should not be missed this Fringe.

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
60 Pleasance
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