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The beautiful old building melts seamlessly into a clean, modern interior which culminates in huge statement lights hanging from the high domed ceiling.

Almost everyone loves Italian food: when cheese, dough, garlic and tomato are the main ingredients there isn’t much not to like, however our love of Italian is way too often a love of a fatty British version impersonating as the real deal. Feed any Italian a Dominoes and I suspect they would be more than disgusted. After visiting Italy for the first time last summer, I fully realised that Italian food should never be synonymous with greasy, fatty pizzas choking on their own excess cheese. Real Italian cooking is about a love of quality ingredients and carefully prepared dishes, which are flavoured with something other than your weekly salt allowance.

Amarone is one restaurant which comes close to a real Italian experience. Much of the menu is what you would expect from a British Italian, however there is the addition of meat and fish dishes and the quality of the food is on a completely different level. If you're not feeling adventurous there are all the classics, Margherita, Pennette con Pomodorini, but there is also more unusual things to try, such as Scottish Sea Bass with chives and orange zest or a pizza topped with crumbled Italian sausage and mixed peppers.

Inside Amarone, the design is bold and contemporary. The beautiful old building melts seamlessly into a clean, modern interior which culminates in huge statement lights hanging from the high domed ceiling. This imposing decor echos the high end Milanese dining experience, and creates an environment perfect for any special event or business meal. Before we even look at the menu my friend is impressed and I am pleased that I picked to bring him here.

We are quite early for dinner, it is only around 6, and so are immediately seated by a friendly, Italian waiter. The restaurant isn’t busy but there are enough people around to give it a light buzz, which seems to let you know that in an hours time the place will be packed.

We both go for pizzas: myself the Verdure Mist and my friend the San Daniele. The mixed peppers, courgette and baby tomatoes promise to give the basic Margherita some extra flavour, while my friend's San Daniele comes with a generous amount of parma ham and parmesan cheese. To drink I choose a glass of one of the house white, Pinot Grigio La Laguna: admittedly I am not a wine expert but it is clean, crisp and refreshing. My friend, who knows a bit more about wine, is equally happy with one of the house reds, Barbera DOC La Follia.

The service is almost too quick, yes I said too quick. I have barely had a sip of my wine before I am making room on the table for a massive pizza. I somehow can’t believe that they have had time to make this fresh, though luckily the taste confirms otherwise. We both tuck in, the portion is large but not overwhelming, the base thin and crispy and the topping flavoursome.

Unfortunately we eat too quickly, but the restaurant is happy to let us sip our wine after we finish, in no rush to hurry us out. Amarone is perfect for a special meal out: the prices are not too expensive and your money buys you delicious, good quality food in a luxury environment.

Best Bits
  • Freshly prepared, delicious Italian food
  • Central location - 2 minute walk to the station
  • Friendly and quick service
  • A contemporary, high end interior perfect for special events or business meals

T: 0131 523 1171

12-13 St Andrew Square
Eat & Drink